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Dometurf is a unit greening material. Turf is planted directly on recycled urethane foam sprinkled with Thermogel , a heat sensitive water-absorbent and water-draining resin that absorbs and drains water according to changes in temperature.
Thermogel is a wholly new type of resin that has both water-absorbing and water-draining properties. It absorbs water at low temperatures (thermosensitive temperature range: 20C -35C) and drains water as the temperature rises.
Easy installation. Just place it where you want it!
It’s light-weight and easy to install. Just lay it on the required area.

Effective use of rain water and sprinkler systems
It automatically absorbs water supplied by both rain and sprinkler systems and drains water when the temperature reaches the pre-set level (the thermosensitive temperature), enabling the effective use of retained water.

Weight is reduced by 60kg/m !
At less than 60kg/m even with full water absorption after the turf application, it is light-weight.

It utilizes recycled materials
Urethane foam is recycled urethane foam recovered from off-cuts at urethane plants etc.

No blockage of drain pipes
No soil is used, so there is no need for concern about drain blockages and dirt. (Perfect for roofs and balconies in apartment buildings etc.)

Wide range of uses
It has a wide range of uses and can be applied to roofs, verandas, balconies and in event halls and other areas.
It is a turf management system that activates turf and represses weeds by spraying Nabagrass turf soil and turf liquid on the turf surface without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.
No chemical fertilizers are used!
Turf can be revitalized and growth activated without the use of chemical fertilizers simply by spraying turf soil and liquid. Developed from sugar cane and other natural materials, the turf and soil formula encourages rapid, robust turf growth.

No pesticides are used!
Turf can be protected from harmful insects and weeds without the use of agricultural chemicals. Since no pesticides are used, there is no adverse impact on the surrounding environment and on humans if it is washed away by rain.

It is suitable for large-scale turf areas
Nabagrass management will revitalize soil and turf that has lost its resistance from the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.