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Earth paving is a method of paving where earth is used instead of concrete and asphalt. Masaphalt paving is a type of environmentally friendly paving made from sand (local sand or Masa Soils) and a small amount of cement (fixation agent) and FC agents (additives) which are gentle on the natural environment.
It has a strong heat shield effect and low heat reflection, so it is gentle on humans, animals and plants.
Its excellent water permeability means that it stays relatively free of puddles and mud when it rains, making it easy to walk on and keep feet dry. It also helps control runoff, preventing it from flowing into storm water systems.
It is effective as a means of preventing weeds.
Harmony with nature can be maintained through construction that blends with natural surroundings.
It creates a surface that is gentle to walk on, so it is suitable for children and the elderly.
A material superior in friction resistance, its relatively dust-free quality makes it appealing.
Once it has hardened, it will not turn into mud again even in heavy, continuous rain, so it requires little maintenance.

 Is it easy to construct? How long does construction take?
A: If you have paving experience, it is quite easy to lay once you select the sand and earth materials and decide on the design mix. The construction of standard work up to 400 square meters takes about 3 days, and from 400 square meters up to 800 square meters, 4 days. (This includes preparation work.)
 Can cars drive on it?
A: There is no problem for maintenance vehicles driving on it. However, if it is used as parking lot pavement, the surface will wear rather quickly.
 Won’t weeds grow on it?
A: The weeds will not grow on it because it shuts out the light that seeds need for germination. However, with pavement that is more than 7 years old, seeds that fall on it will germinate because by then there is enough light, moisture and nutrients in the pavement. However, the weeds will not grow very big.
 What is the degree of rainwater permeability?
A: Light rain will permeate the surface quickly, but heavy rain will either collect on the surface and eventually flow towards the lower ground or permeate gradually over time. For the locations where permeation is particularly required, it is necessary to consider the grain diameter of the earth and sand used.
 If cracks appear, can they be repaired?
A: You can go over them with the same mixture or re-apply the surface. The repair work is a lot easier than with asphalt.
 What is an FC agent?
A: An FC agent is a liquid made from a compound reaction of an inorganic compound and is a material which has very little impact on the natural environment. By using an FC agent, you can obtain a very high degree of stability (strength, contraction, durability) in the paving using little cement and you can create pavement with surface conditions that are much closer to those of the natural earth.