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Sustainable Management

Environmental Management *

 Consulting services for acquiring ISO 14001

 Environmental e-learning (Environmental education)

 Supporting ISO management systems. (Smart-Eco)

 Help establish a vision of environmental management

 Consulting services for preparing environmental reports

 Consulting services for environmental accounting

Measures against Global Warming

 Consulting services for corporate strategies to reduce greenhouse-effect gases

 Help promote fuel conversion projects

 Support overseas projects

 Research, planning, and development.

Helping develop a recycling-oriented business

 Consulting services for green procurement

Green Product
 Recycled pavement (roof tiles, glass, power poles), soil and "Masaphalt" pavement

 Solutions for the reduction of office paper (e-blue)

 Greening of rooftops (Dome turf)

 Management of pesticide-free turf (Nabagrass Management)

Remote Sensing

  IT monitoring: Real-time measurement of the environment (pollen, ultraviolet rays, energy, etc.)
  * Our services extend to quality, safety of food,
    and occupational safety and health as well in response to your requests.