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We assist with the building and operation of strategic environmental management systems that actively promote environmental management.
    ISO 14001 (Environmental ISO) is a tool for promoting the smooth implementation of voluntary, proactive initiatives to protect the environment. To obtain and use ISO 14001 efficiently and effectively, appropriate consulting is necessary.  
 The Objectives of ISO 14001 Consulting
1.Improvement in Sales   To enhance corporate image and increase sales by differentiating your company from other competitor companies as an organization caring for the environment.

2.Cost Reduction   To endeavor to cut costs through a reduction in the use of materials and energy through increased efficiency and longer operating life of equipment.

3.Improvement in Operations   To define work responsibilities and the scope of those responsibilities and to implement rapid improvement by setting management standards.

4.Goal Management   To establish a comprehensive ongoing goal management system through auditing by an external organization.

5.Compliance   To observe laws and regulations, establish an infrastructure for dealing with accidents, and to prevent their recurrence.

We support the efficient use of PDCA, which is an environmental management system model. Obtaining ISO 14001 certification and maintaining and managing it thereafter can all be done via the internet. In addition to ISO 14001, it can be used as a support tool in managing efforts to deal with the environment. With the use of IT, it is also possible to construct a system at a reasonable cost with scalability that can be expanded upon later.

System Overview

Workflow function realizes digitization of approvals and publicity concerning planning ,operation and management.

Integrates the gathering and management of environment-related data.

Does the registration, publishing and searches of documents such as manuals etc.

Provides the latest information in areas such as new laws and regulations.

Shares all kinds of information.
Other service options are also available.
We provide full support for environmental management systems.
Assistance with the preparation of environmental reports.
Assistance with the introduction of environmental accounting.
Implementation of environmental education.
Assistance with improving environmental performance.
For an organization to deal with the environment in a positive and active way, environmental awareness in the overall work activities that encompass all staff in the organization is essential. Environmental education to achieve this is therefore essential. Because of the enormous amount of time and money required for environmental education for all staff, the utilization of e-learning is becoming more and more prevalent.

NTT-GP Eco e-learning is not a traditional form of self study where the learner simply studies the contents of Web pages; it includes an interactive function that is based on the management of the learner’s progress and checking the learner’s level of understanding. It provides efficient and effective learning for each and every learner at little cost.
  Assistance with Environmental Commercialization
  (Venture companies and banks etc.)