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We offer solution services and provide consulting to meet the needs of local governments and corporate bodies in protecting and improving the environment.
Pavement using recycled roof tiles
Pavement made from discarded tiles, building waste material. Tiles are crushed, mixed with a small amount of cement (using a hardening agent and mixing agent that have little impact on the natural environment) and hardened. The pavement has superior absorbance, permeability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear.
Examples of its applications: sidewalks, plazas and parking lots.
Pavement using recycled glass
Pavement made from industrial waste, such as wine bottles and other kinds of bottles. The material is crushed and hardened in a similar process as the pavement made from roof tiles. The pavement is superior in strength and durability.
Examples of application: promenades and plazas
Paving made from soil
This is pavement that uses soil and sand in place of concrete and asphalt. It is excellent in thermal insulation while heat reflection is low, making it effective in alleviating the "heat island phenomenon".
Blocks made from recycled bottles and glass
Like pavement made from recycled tiles, waste such as roof tiles and glass are crushed and made into blocks that are permeable, strong and resistant to wear and tear.
Examples of application: paving blocks as construction material and landscaping material
Panels made from recycled paper
These are panels made from 100% waste paper and are light and very strong. Another characteristic of the panels is that they do not contain volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde.
Examples of application: palettes for transporting, display racks, sections of temporary facilities
The lawn is spread directly onto recycled urethane foam and is used in sections as greenery, so it is light and convenient without the bother of dust from soil. Resin is distributed throughout the urethane foam, absorbing or expelling water depending on the humidity, so rainwater and water from sprinklers can be used effectively. Since it manages the soil the lawn is on without pesticides at the same time, it is possible to manage without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Examples of application: roofs, balconies, event venues
This is a management method for rejuvenating lawns and inhibiting the growth of weeds without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers by simply spraying the lawn with a liquid for lawn soil and lawns which is made from vegetables.
Examples of application: lawn for parks, sports grounds and golf courses.