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Recycled tile pavement is a superior waterproof, water-absorbent, water-permeable, strong, friction-resistant, environmentally and user friendly pavement made from recycled tiles recovered from building waste material. The tiles are crushed, mixed with a small amount of concrete (fixation agent) and FC agents (additives) that have little impact on the environment, and hardened.
It has a strong heat shield effect and low heat reflection, so it is gentle on humans, animals and plants.
It has greater water permeability than earth pavement and stays relatively free of puddles and mud when it rains, making it easy to walk on and keep feet dry. It also helps control runoff, preventing it from flowing into storm water systems.
It is effective as a means of preventing weeds.
Harmony with nature can be maintained since it allows for construction that blends in with the natural surroundings.
It creates a surface that is gentle to walk on, so it is suitable for children and the elderly.
A material superior in friction resistance, its relatively dust-free quality makes it appealing.
Utilizing tiles recycled from construction waste, it is a type of pavement that has minimal adverse impact on the environment.