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Using environmental monitoring controls that are a combination of IT and sensor technologies, we assist in the planning and building of environmental monitoring systems and the transmission of information.
From planning to construction, we provide consulting for monitoring systems for various monitoring purposes (size, place of installation, dependability etc).
Energy Saving Measures and Verification
Electric power, gas, waste etc.
Pollen Information Service
Energy Management Specified Plant
Energy Saving Measures and Verification
Management of materials that are a burden on the environment
NOx, waste water, discharge.
Monitoring of generation capacity, amount of fuel used and wind power
Monitoring of equipment operation
Monitoring of trespassers
Prevention of illegal dumping
Guarding and Management of facility operations

Information Transmission Services for Residents (1)

Delivery of local weather data
Distribution of information on the amount of rainfall and images showing current conditions.

Information on the number of visitors to places such as museums etc.
Ascertaining the number of entrants to a venue through a monitoring system and relaying information on how crowded it is.

Transmission of information about the availability of public facilities
A reservation system for facilities such as public halls and gyms as well as the transmission of images relating to availability.

Monitoring for the protection of cultural assets and the prevention of illegal dumping

Monitoring underpasses and trespassers in schools
Information Transmission Services for Residents (2)

Information Transmission for Environmental Facilities
Using the internet to release information on air and water quality at purification centers, sewage treatment plants, and rural community facilities gives indicates the safety of facilities and the disclosure of information.

Transmission of information about reservoirs and well water
Information such as survey data on water quality and water temperature is released on the internet, making public the safety of drinking water.
Information Transmission Services About Areas Outside the Region

Information and images of sightseeing areas and images of flowers in bloom in flower parks
  Images of waves on the surface of lakes and the ocean
Images of fruit in orchards
Weather conditions and images of mountain tops and lodges
Images of zoos and information on how crowded they are
Humidity and temperature and images of valleys and plateaus

Enhancing recognition of the region through disclosure of information